What You Will Receive When You Present Your Human and Life Issues to IIWIH

Our healing clinicians will approach and assess your presenting life and human issues from the most comprehensive and integrated dimensions known to man. You will not be subjected to old psycho mambo jumbo that may absolutely has nothing to do with your presenting life and human issues. You will not receive “psych babbles” that exacerbate and entrench your presenting issues.

You will receive comprehensive, integrated evidence-based MIND, BODY, SPIRIT HEALING that will zero in on the root of your present issues, empower you with the deepest and crystal clear insight into your presenting issues.

You will receive individualized powerful healing practices that helps you resolve the presenting issues, deliver a new healthy, prosperous, and happy you ready to embrace life with you right in life’s captain chair calling your own life shots.

Remember, “Life rewards those who challenge it.” Are you ready to challenge life?


IIWIH clinical healing team works with individual and family all over the world on clinical issues in the comfort and privacy of their home through our web connection system. Please feel free to contact us if we can help you, members of your family or network of friends.

We also specialize in positioning corporations and organizations dominate in their respective fields by equipping their team players/employees with cutting edge professional human success psychological tools and guidance that are the best anywhere on the planet. We offer individualized corporate and organizational consulting unique to you and your organization. We offer onsite training all over the world on Corporate Wellness. We train and assist Hospital and Healthcare Providers all over the world implement in their services the 21st century Integrated Wellness programs that are virtually impossible for any organization to copy and deliver. We also offer online all over the world individualized Executive Coaching/Personal Growth/Career Guidance that keeps driven individuals at the top of their games. IIWIH team is very culture and religion sensitive in our work.

You can reach Dr. Chris O’Banye at +1405-550-2064. Contact us today and begin on a new and amazing path for life!


For a limited time only, take advantage of IIWIH free half hour online individual wellness and healing consultation. On the other hand, if your organization is interested in IIWIH healthcare Providers’ Program, or about IIWIH Corporate Wellness Program, all you need to do is simply click on “Contact Us” at the top of our web page. Complete the information. Provide us with your best contact information. IIWIH wellness and healing professional will contact you as soon as possible. It is that simple. Contact us today and start you, or your organization on a new amazing healthy and prosperous path for life. Do not sit thinking about it. Do it right now.

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If you are a woman in the 21th century, it is time for you to wake up and take charge of your health, wellness and healing. From the beginning of time, someone other than you dictates your health, wellness and life as a woman. The truth is many special interest groups whose primary motives are winning elections and getting rich in the name of “healthcare for women” and gender welfare politics have used women as pawns.

Financial and political misuse of women has gone on for too long. If you are a woman receiving wellness and healing care in this century, you are receiving care that is rooted in the foundation of theory of care modality that has limited understanding of you as a woman, and the mind, body, and spirit interconnected dynamics of your presenting issues.

At the IIWIH, our wellness and healing clinical team understands woman and woman’s issues from deep holistic, human historic existential perspectives, grounded in empirical mind, body, and spirit understanding of a powerful being a woman is.

Regardless where on the globe, you call home IIWIH will consult with you on your wellness and healing issues. IIWIH healing clinicians will work with you, or make appropriate referral and linkage to a wellness and healing match for your presenting issues. Our clinicians will also collaborate with your primary care wellness and healing provider to ensure you are receiving appropriate care that truly scratch you where you itch.


Healing Philosophy

The International Institute for Wellness and Integrated Healing is a wellness and healing institute dedicated to training, education and promotion of wellness and integrated healing. Our healing philosophy is grounded on the core principles of Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine. We view wellness as a harmonious union existing among all levels of a person’s existence—mind-body-spirit. We are the leader in Integrative Medicine.  We approach healing from an integrated and holistic perspective. We believe a house divided—mind-body-spirit cannot stand or function harmoniously. Whatever your wellness issues/crisis is—psychological, physical or spiritual in nature our healing philosophy is one that addresses our clients’ issues from an integrated and holistic approach. Our assessment for healing plan takes an integrated and comprehensive look at the total person and your overall life. We turn every stone and leave no question unanswered in our assessment for your wellness and healing plan. Every aspects of you and about you matters to us, from the smallest to the biggest part of you who you are.

At International Institute for Wellness and Integrated Healing, we are Person-Centered healers.  You are in the driver sit of your wellness and healing plan. Our healing clinicians tailor your wellness and healing needs to fit you just like your own skin. We go extra miles to accommodate your wellness and healing needs. If you are unable to come to us, we will make it possible to bring wellness and healing to you and your family in the comfort of your own castle.

Our healing clinicians scratch you where you itch.  We know and understand that it is your right to be healthy, wealthy, wise and happy. We respect your inherent powers, immense abilities, gifts and your individuality. We will not own your issues. You own them. What we do is build wellness and healing partnership with you. We help you discover all the blessings of life that belong to you. We empower you with all the tools and weapons you need to meet every single challenge life presents to you. We help you design your war room. We get in the trenches of life challenges with you, shoulder to shoulder and ensure you come out victorious.  Whatever your challenge/s is, your victory is our goal!

At International Institute for Wellness and Integrated Healing We believe healing professions is the only profession one has to be called to serve in order to make a true wellness and healing difference in peoples’ life. We understand the honor and magnitude of responsibility entrusted with a heal working with a human soul. We understand Healing profession is not an automobile    assembly or a meat packing plant. People who come into the profession without being called into it, harm their clients/ patients and disrupt healing process and life in the worst manner.

Being a healer is much more deeper than than one’s hundred degrees and credentials hanging on the walls. Its much more than one’s hundreds of years of training. It has nothing to do with the ivory tower office. One cannot buy or train for being a healer. A healer is born a healer.  One’s training and education are added values and they are very important too. Many come into wellness and healing profession, but very few are chosen and honored with the true title of a healer.

Our Clinicians are a collection of the most experienced caring healing professionals in their fields, comprising of Physicians, Clinical Psychologists, Psychologist, Mental Health Professionals, Holistic Nurses and Allied Healing professionals. At the International Institute for Wellness and Integrated Healing, we are true healers in every sense.  Is your wellness and healing professional a healer?  Come hold our hands for your journey to true wellness and healing.

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