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What You Will Receive When You Present Your Human and Life Issues to IIWIH

Our healing clinicians will approach and assess your presenting life and human issues from the most comprehensive and integrated dimensions known to man. You will not be subjected to old psycho mambo jumbo that may absolutely has nothing to do with your presenting life and human issues. You will not receive “psych babbles” that exacerbate and entrench your presenting issues.

You will receive comprehensive, integrated evidence-based MIND, BODY, SPIRIT HEALING that will zero in on the root of your present issues, empower you with the deepest and crystal clear insight into your presenting issues.

You will receive individualized powerful healing practices that helps you resolve the presenting issues, deliver a new healthy, prosperous, and happy you ready to embrace life with you right in life’s captain chair calling your own life shots.

Remember, “Life rewards those who challenge it.” Are you ready to challenge life?


IIWIH clinical healing team works with individual and family all over the world on clinical issues in the comfort and privacy of their home through our web connection system. Please feel free to contact us if we can help you, members of your family or network of friends.

We also specialize in positioning corporations and organizations dominate in their respective fields by equipping their team players/employees with cutting edge professional human success psychological tools and guidance that are the best anywhere on the planet. We offer individualized corporate and organizational consulting unique to you and your organization. We offer onsite training all over the world on Corporate Wellness. We train and assist Hospital and Healthcare Providers all over the world implement in their services the 21st century Integrated Wellness programs that are virtually impossible for any organization to copy and deliver. We also offer online all over the world individualized Executive Coaching/Personal Growth/Career Guidance that keeps driven individuals at the top of their games. IIWIH team is very culture and religion sensitive in our work.

You can reach Dr. Chris O’Banye at +1405-550-2064. Contact us today and begin on a new and amazing path for life!


For a limited time only, take advantage of IIWIH free half hour online individual wellness and healing consultation. On the other hand, if your organization is interested in IIWIH healthcare Providers’ Program, or about IIWIH Corporate Wellness Program, all you need to do is simply click on “Contact Us” at the top of our web page. Complete the information. Provide us with your best contact information. IIWIH wellness and healing professional will contact you as soon as possible. It is that simple. Contact us today and start you, or your organization on a new amazing healthy and prosperous path for life. Do not sit thinking about it. Do it right now.

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If you are a woman in the 21th century, it is time for you to wake up and take charge of your health, wellness and healing. From the beginning of time, someone other than you dictates your health, wellness and life as a woman. The truth is many special interest groups whose primary motives are winning elections and getting rich in the name of “healthcare for women” and gender welfare politics have used women as pawns.

Financial and political misuse of women has gone on for too long. If you are a woman receiving wellness and healing care in this century, you are receiving care that is rooted in the foundation of theory of care modality that has limited understanding of you as a woman, and the mind, body, and spirit interconnected dynamics of your presenting issues.

At the IIWIH, our wellness and healing clinical team understands woman and woman’s issues from deep holistic, human historic existential perspectives, grounded in empirical mind, body, and spirit understanding of a powerful being a woman is.

Regardless where on the globe, you call home IIWIH will consult with you on your wellness and healing issues. IIWIH healing clinicians will work with you, or make appropriate referral and linkage to a wellness and healing match for your presenting issues. Our clinicians will also collaborate with your primary care wellness and healing provider to ensure you are receiving appropriate care that truly scratch you where you itch.


Since the Europeans set foot on African soil, the Western controlled world medical community have since linked origin of almost every deadly disease to the continent of Africa and African people, with the exception of cancer. I have no doubt same group of people within the world medical community of “scientists” would also link the origin of cancer cells to Africans if they can invent a voodoo theory that will lead down that road. Read More

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share save 256 24 Exporting Deadly Diseases To The Continent Of Africa: Pleased stop the genocide for the sake of humanity
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One of the most talked about topics in all media in the United States this past week was Ray Rice, running back for Baltimore Raven of the National Football League (NFL) knocking his wife out to the point of almost death. Almost every news media and their reporters sound so shocking and amazed about this act of violence by Mr. Rice. Where have these citizens and their news agencies been for the past half a century? The news media’s height of hypocrisy is unbelievable especially, in matters of violence in society. The same national news media and their reporters over the years watch as daily brutal violence dominate our nation’s streets and communities. Where are their voices and outrage? We did not just become a culture of violence overnight. Violence is the new order of the day in our lives. Read More

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share save 256 24 Domestic Violence: A reflection of collective culture of violence
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The fabrics of human decency have changed so drastically in the manner respected institutions of society pursue success in today’s world. Ethical practices are completely out the door and hardly applied in the course of conducting business or services. Drive for success at all cost and what appears today to be worshipping of money have compromised every element of human decency and morality. There are minimal sanctity left of most profession. It really does not matter which angle one slices and dices it simply put, it is dog-eat-dog. It is a jungle out there.

One can see direct roles bankers and lawyers played in economic collapses of the past and the recent times. Each economic collapse caused the world communities massive hardship in all areas of life. Recoveries are always even more painful. The collapses of the recent times have proven to be even more painful and daunting because elements of hatred now have prominent seats in the high table of human progress. It is not a surprise for many that bankers and lawyers would be at the roots of these human sufferings that are motivated by greed. After all, most bankers and lawyers’ primary motivations are money and wealth. However, societies rarely hold accountable these institutions and perpetrators of these crime within these institutions and professions for these evil crimes against humanity. Just like successful bank robbery, they get away with our treasures and left societies holding bags of pain and sufferings. Read More

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share save 256 24 When Vultures of Legal Profession Get In Bed With Vultures of Medical Profession: Is the National Football Association (NFL) the new savage ground for these vultures?
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Hatred is man’s forbidden fruit. It is man’s deadliest poison. It destroys every life that bites into it. It crumbles the foundation, the psyche and the fabric of every nation that embrace and harbors it. Hatred is the root of all war, racism, discrimination, divisiveness, man engineered economic inequalities, greed, suppression and oppression of people.
If you pay an unbiased attention to social, economic and political problems in your community or country, something serious would be wrong with your thinking if you conclude institution of government itself is responsible for those problems. No, government is not the problem. Let the facts stand, hatred from many elected officials and some public servants within the structure of institutions of government is at the root of government dysfunction in your communities and countries.
These elements of hatred within government institutions many of them elected officials, engage in every vicious hateful practices, using within their means all available tools to perpetrate acts of dysfunction and paralysis in the system of governing. They fracture the foundation of these institutions to paralyze the functions of government thereby, crushing their targeted population and meaningful progress for citizens.
These elements of hatred present constant daily ongoing barrage of smokescreens and boogieman fear tactics selling the public some of the most vicious rhetoric to convince the larger population government is the evil. Hatred is the root of lack of empathy and noble sense of collective spiritual inter connectedness that binds all humanity as descendants of one Creator.
Hatred is the root of every war fought since the beginning of time. It is the root of nations’ economic decline and fall of every nation. Yet, we the people allow hatred to continue to destroy humanity more so today than ever.

Read More

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share save 256 24 Anatomy of Hatred: Understanding humanity’s deadliest cancer and the destruction this vicious killer presents to every nation, mind, body and spirit it permeates
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The month of October is designated breast cancer awareness month. For many, it is not just an awareness, but also a reflective month on astronomical number of breast cancer fallen loved ones—our mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters, and friends. Since the designation, the month of October also invokes folks’ emotional hurt, sense of inner emptiness and reflection of inner wounds that linger for a long time and for some, to life’s final stage of growth. The question remains in many minds what the public really knows about the true causes of breast cancer. Many often wonder whether there are existing cures for breast cancer as well as other types of cancer. Read More

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share save 256 24 Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Public health services for women, or an all month giant commercial promotion for cancer industry and their products
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Empirical evidence from the beginning of time predicate good health and wellness on healthy nutrition, life style, and positive emotion. Often, we grossly overlook emotional component of self in the overall picture of good health and wellness especially, if the physical self and persona over it appears acceptable to the physical eyes. However, appropriate emotional nutrition is the cornerstone of abundant health and wellness. Read More

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share save 256 24 Health Miracles of Happiness: Learn ways happy state of existence impact optimum wellness and healing of your mind, body, and spirit
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Wisdom and mark of human intelligence is the ability to recognize when old and orthodox ways of solving problems fail to meet the test of time, and have the insight to muster courage to make changes in the right direction. I have been reporting on the fact that the orthodox clinical modalities used in resolving human psychic disturbances among men and women who serve their nations in the military have not proven the test of time. These old ways have proven ineffective. We see evidence of this among veteran population of old wars for example Vietnam, who are still suffering from diagnosed “PTSD” and other multiple complex battlefield induced psychic disturbance (BFIPD). We are now also witnessing even more serious multiple complex issues among this generation of soldiers among which is epidemic of suicide. Read More

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share save 256 24 Mental Health Crisis Among The United States Military Population: A classic example of attempting to solve complex human psychic disturbances with junk mental health science
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Wise folks form the part of the world I grew up have an adage, which states, “If a young man does not take time to learn what killed his father, he would also die from the very same cause that claimed his father’s life.”  Youth promotes a sense of invisibility and exuberance. At a young age, the thoughts of growing old rarely cross the mind of younger population.  Young people tend to follow in their families’ traditions on varieties of values ranging from life style and belief system to health practice and family values, even in cases where some of these values are detrimental to good health and quality of life. Read More

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share save 256 24 Aging Process And The Implications Of Managing Health With Cabinet Full Of Chemicals:  Learn cancer connection to aging and excessive chemical management of health
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Infancy is a critical developmental stage. This developmental stage requires careful nourishing attention on the health of an infant. The wrong type of care and nourishment during this early stage of life could be the difference between a healthy human being, and an unhealthy disturbed life.  One can make a serious case that the most health healing nourishment for an infant is the mother’s milk.  In most cultures outside the West, mother’s milk is the primary nourishment for an infant baby for a good number of months. In these cultures, there are extremely low cases of childhood developmental and neurological issues such as severe cognitive functions, autism etc. A primary developmental issue in some of these cultures is malnutrition indicative of economic struggles and climatic erosion of agricultural infrastructures in some of the countries within these cultures. Read More

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share save 256 24 Clinical Faces of Young People Growing Up In Our Chemically Managed Society:  Learn the health and wellness consequences of early introduction of chemicals in a young person’s life and long term mind, body, spirit implications
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Medical medicine over the century held women’s health hostage. Historically, all era grossly misunderstood women and women’s health. This gross misunderstanding, and to some degree simple ignorance, dating back to the beginning of time lend to too many unhealthy myths about women and women’s healthy.  Women’s lives have not been the same from the time man first became aware of female menstruation. Menstruation, which is one of the most important natural characteristics, that make women the most beautiful and powerful creatures on God’s planet also made women endangered species.

Reviews of literature on early life of women including the Old Testaments, and various ancient books of history reveal women suffered enormously.  Men subjected women to various levels of emotional and physical pain during monthly menstrual period. These historical accounts reveal that during those early dark ages of human evolution, female monthly menstruation forced isolation on women. Women were isolated from their husbands, families, and houses of worships during periods of menstruation. Read More

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share save 256 24 Medical Exploitation and Abuse of Women: Learn cancer connection among women from this exploitation and abuse.
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